Weekly Wrapper – 05/30/2016

Hello all –

 On this Memorial Day, I hope that everyone took a moment to think of those who lost their lives defending our country.  For those who have lost, our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families.

With so many new members, I also wanted to take this time to provide a little insight on how information is available on our website.  Please also keep an eye out for new member information that will hopefully also offer tips and resources for you.

 Info Tips

#1 – This website cigarcityhog.com is our primary contact and information portal.  This site houses all key information (that we can think of, and willing to hear suggestions) that our chapter members should need.

#2 – We use the Weekly Wrapper and other social media for copies or snippets of the information on the site.

From our homepage, the main part of the page shows our Chapter calendar.  Right above the calendar, you will see our Ride Hotline.  This is the number to call before you meet up to check the ride is still on.  If you find the date you want, you can click the link to get the important information needed for the ride.  This information will provide the address of the destination, the name of the road captain, and any interesting information about the ride.  Please also look at the “About Us” portion of the homepage to learn about our Road Captains.

I hope this information is helpful and wish everyone a great week!

Ride Safe!  Denise

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