Weekly Wrapper – 12/13/2016

Hello All!

We start this Wrapper with a message from our Chapter Director Bill Madison, who served 2015 and 2016. While he was elected for 2017, he stepped down during Saturday’s board meeting and Larry Blakely has been appointed at our Director for 2017. The Chapter thanks Bill for his service to the Chapter for the past two years and wishes him well.

From Director Bill Madison, my plans for things have changed this year. I just have a new perspective on things, have a lot of work I want to get done and everything that I want to do is just not going to fit in with all the attention that the Chapter is going to need and that Richey is requiring and I want to spend some time building my Hotrod. I just wanted to give everybody a big thank you for the last 2 year–it’s been really fun, great working with everybody and I have really enjoyed the last two years of being the director. It’s been a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work but we got through a lot and had some good times doing it. I want to wish Larry best of luck and having fun as much as I did taking over and look forward to having some more fun on riding next year with everybody, thanks again.

From Activities Director Jerry Umland…Well, we are really closing in on the Holiday party, I’m not sure how many hours, but I know it’s only 5 days from today. The flyer is attached, please complete it and send along a check and you will be counted in for this fun time Holiday Party. Also, if you are attending and have something (entertaining) you can do during our “half-time” show of a couple minutes, please let me know. Last year LOH did a dance to a fun tune that was very entertaining, so this year we would like something entertaining as well, please let me know. I’m sure there’s some hidden talent out there that we know nothing about.

Finally, if you cannot get a check out in time, please let me know and I will count you in for the food count. The food count day has been extended, and is now Tuesday afternoon the 13th. Call me at 813.892.2835 and let me know.

From Head Road Captain Dede Clinch…Please turn in your ending mileage to Dede Clinch. It will need to be a picture of the mileage or have any Road Captain see the mileage. This is due before the end of the year.

Ride Safe!


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