Weekly Wrapper – 07/10/2017

Hello All!

First a heart-felt “hello” and get-well wishes to Greg Talamantez and his wife, Karen.  Everyone should have seen Larry’s email yesterday and we wish Greg a quick recovery and both all the support and prayers we can offer.

Also, welcome new member John Davis!  A lot of us got to meet John at the Chapter meeting and look forward to riding with you!

Don’t forget the Dealership is closed this Sunday for inventory, so plan accordingly!

For this Thursday’s LOH bling party- don’t forget to bring your bling supplies; i.e. soldering iron and gems and a dish to go with Dede’s brisket!  Boys are welcome too!

For this Saturday’s ride…. Florida Special: Bikes, Bikinis and Beaches…. please remember this is a picnic lunch so get out the PB&J or stop at your favorite sandwich shop before the ride. This is a “bring your own” lunch on this one.  Also, don’t forget the shorts and bathing suits!!

Ride safe all!


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