Weekly Wrapper – 05/22/2017

Hello all,

A warm thank you to Jeannie and Ralph for putting together a very nice picnic for our Chapter on Saturday.  Also thanks to Susie, Jerry, Dorothy, and Jurita for their added help and Jurita’s Caprese salad.  Everyone also pitched in for good time.  We had a pretty good turnout and even got to meet some of our newest chapter members.  Join us this Friday and note our New Owner Orientation and Welcome Wagon ride are coming up on June 3rd.

As you look at our upcoming scheduled plans and planning a ride this week; please be extra careful over the holiday weekend.  Lots of folks will be out for Memorial Day.  Remember to keep your heads on a swivel and always have a way out.

For those who serve, or have served, our sincere thanks and appreciation as we celebrate Memorial Day this weekend and Monday.  If you can, join Larry on the Ride to the Ride for the 14th Annual Bushnell Memorial.  More information is online.

We hope to see you at the Final Friday at the Hut.

Ride Safe! Denise


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