Weekly Wrapper – 03/12/2017

Hey all,

First, a special welcome to five new members to the Chapter – Jim Lindsay, the Katzs and the Roberts! It was great to meet you at the Chapter meeting yesterday and we look forward to getting to know you.

Yesterday’s chapter meeting was very special because we got to see Tom and Joyce Allen. It was wonderful to see them and Tom took a few moments to thank everyone for the card the Chapter recently sent!

Also at yesterday’s Chapter meeting, Richie and Alyssa showed us a brand-spanking new logo for our Chapter, for items to be sold only at our host Tampa dealership! Some folks were lucky enough to win door prizes of a new shot glass, beer and coffee mug and there will be more and more items with the logo. Not only is there a logo for men’s items, but a female version is also in the works and we will eventually have ladies’ shirts to highlight out chapter! Check in at General Merchandise next time you are at the Dealership to check out some of the new items coming.

Stay tuned for the March Newsletter! It will be posting on our Website soon and hard copies will also be available at the Dealership lounge. Don’t forget to look for a special article written by a local published author!

Ride safe all!


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