Weekly Wrapper – 02/13/2017

Hello all,

  • If you have an idea for an activity, please contact our 2017 Activities Director, Jeannie, to make your suggestion.  Jeannie can be reached at momzill@aol.com or 813.990.7191.
  • Head Road Captain Update From Crusher

I wanted to take a moment and callout the success of our first official ‘pickup’ ride after the Chapter Meeting this past Saturday.  10 bikes w/ 13 people decided that we had a hankering for some BBQ and headed out to Deep South Family BBQ in Brooksville.  Mike LaVoy took the lead and we all had a great ride and gorged ourselves on some fine food.  Now that is what a ‘pickup’ ride is supposed to be!  Well done gang!Although I wasn’t able to attend due to a family obligation, we had 14 bikes and 21 participants ride with Larry Daniels to lunch prior to connecting with 5 more in cages as the group headed to the VA this past Sunday.  I’m told that the experience was awesome and everyone greatly appreciated the time with our chapter members.  Another CCHOG ride/event done the right way!  Don’t forget that I will be leading a ride this Saturday (2/18) from THD to Quaker Steak & Lube to go to the Florida Motorcycle Expo.  Ride briefing at 10:45am for a KSU @ 11:00am.  Hope to see a good group for the ride! – Crusher

  • Frank Wattenbarger brought this to our attention, the Gainesville Police Department is offering free safety courses.

The class will focus on the proper use of head and eyes during turning, dipping the bike in order to facilitate transitioning, leaning the bike to make tighter turns, and properly manipulating the clutch, throttle, and brake, in order to properly work within the motorcycle’s grey area.  The training is conducted in a closed course instructed by highly trained law enforcement motor officers using the very same techniques that place them in the top 5% of all riders.  Each student receives individualized attention which positively reinforces the skills sets the course tries to improve.  If the student has paid attention and applied themselves, they will leave a better rider than when they came in.

Info is available on the web at:  http://www.gainesvillepd.org/Virtual-Front-Desk/SMART-Motorcycle-Safety-Course

Frank Wattenbarger and Ralph DiBiasi have signed up for the course on March 18th. Larry Blakely is considering going too. If enough people can get signed up for the class the group can ride up together. Please consider this will most likely mean leaving Friday and spending the night since the course starts at 7:00 AM and Gainesville is some 130+ miles away – 3 hour ride.  Also, DST begins on March 12th, so it will likely still be dark at 7:00 AM.  If interested, please contact Frank W at (813.215.8596) and Larry at (703.851.1792).  Interested folks can call Frank for info about lodging, e.g. there is a Best Western across the street from the Harley dealership.

Ride Safe!  Denise


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