Situational Awareness

Maintaining “situational awareness”, SA, while riding is critical.

When you approach an intersection are you aware of other vehicles also approaching? Does the other driver see you? Are you sure?

Since one of the most dangerous points on any ride is an intersection, what are you looking for?
Does the other driver see you? Are you sure?
Are the crosswalk lights already signaling for pedestrians to stop or have a countdown timer? That’s a clue on if the light is about to change.Are the tires on the other vehicle starting to move? That could be an indication that the driver is about to pull out.

Recently a video of a group ride and a dog darting across the street has been getting passed around rider forums. One rider hit the dog and crashed. The following rider crashed and was almost hit by on oncoming tractor trailer. My first reaction on seeing the video was – Wow, that rider didn’t have a chance. But as I watched the video again I began to wonder if better SA would have given the rider(s) more options.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one considering this. Here is a full commentary from
Link to Revzilla commentary

It is ALWAYS easier to sit in the comfort of our homes, break down a video in increments, and conclude this or that could have been done differently. When things are in real time in a real situation it is not always as clear. Situational Awareness however will help you create an “out” just in case you need it.

Remember to constantly SEE:

Ride safe, ride often.

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